George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • November 25, 2015

WHY ONLINE Marketing? Because it works.

There’s no disputing that online marketing is a valuable tool when it comes to bringing business owners and consumers together. However, as a business owner, you may be wondering if it is truly worth the investment. I saw yes and the reason is that it works. Thinking back to my early days in offline marketing or traditional marketing channels like (Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio, and Billboards) I can hardly believe the money that was being charged to business owners with little ability to determine ROI. It wasn't uncommon for local business owners to spend $10,000 -$25,000 a month on these local marketing channels.

Fast forward to 2015-2016 the sole purpose of successful online marketing is to utilize a campaign strategy at the lowest possible cost and risk investment, while maximizing sales potential and profit. Focusing your marketing budget online costs much less in comparison with most other marketing strategies. Moreover, online marketing allows you to target your efforts all the way down to specific demographics, which traditional type offline advertising or could not accomplish. Because we live in the information age its not hard to targeted and reach your ideal prospect or what we like to focus on here at Market Loyal is your targeting your ideal persona. 

Online marketing also allows consumers to research and purchase your products and services at their own leisure, which is very appealing to the consumer. Having a solid online presence allows consumers to do just that  putting them in control of the process one step closer to doing business or buying. Thanks to the internet we are now more connected than ever as this visually below shows we are spending more and more time online which means less time doing things and getting information in the traditional places.


 The above chart from took a look at media consumption from 2010-2014 in 65 countries looks at the shift in time being spent online vs offline.

Building a strong online foundation is a collaboration of elements that produce a successful web-based advertising strategy or campaign. Knowing  the tools needed and making the most of them demands a huge amount of skill, expertise, and practice. The work that is put in eventually determines the level of accomplishment that will be achieved.

We here at Market Loyal believe in a systematic process to BUILD your online foundation correctly, GUIDE your business to the areas where prospects are, TARGET those prospects showing you as the best option, GROW your audience, prospects and customers base to levels that far exceed your goals. 


 George Tsafonias is the owner of Market Loyal and local marketing enthusiast. Our mission is to provide our business owners a hyper local strategy that generates better reviews, more website traffic and better visibility by the millions of people searching for local products and services.