Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • December 20, 2012

Morning Traffic Reports are Dead.

Insert "movie guy voice" here..... in a world where data is real time, crowd-sourced and in the palm of our hand (soon to be worn on our eyes) the local news and local traffic reports seem much more of an irrelevant annoyance rather than a source of relevant updates that I'd like to insert into my day. My average day is already over-saturated with thousands of ads and data that I've chosen to come through the floodgates previously.

To me, the traffic updates, let alone the local news is unnecessary. "Another puppy washed up on shore in Daytona Beach"...really?? That's hardly news that I care about. After using apps like Waze, Fliboard and Zite, it gets harder and harder going back to watching the local "dream team" at 9 and 11. As more and more people come across these apps and mobile devices, don't you think we will we see a decline in local news stations that don't adapt? I think so.

Recently, I saw the local news station WFTV in Orlando asking questions on the Waze app.

orlando traffic waze

That's a sure sign that they've realized the power of crowd sourced, real-time data. Hey local news stations....instead of spending 10,000 dollars a month on gas for your traffic news helicopter, why don't you build yourself a local version of Waze?

What do you think? Have you seen any good examples of local news stations adapting to how today's consumer realistically interacts with the world?