Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • April 23, 2013

Let the Cream Rise to the Top: The Death of the Scout

I just finished watching the video below and another 8 "related" videos. Is there a term for getting sucked in like that? I feel like there should be a term.

Anyway, if you aren't going to take the time to watch it I'll explain what it is. This one in particular is about a young basketball player named Marcus LoVett. He has serious moves and amazing talent. Watching him juke, maneuver and make shots over all of the slower, Caucasian kids was truly entertaining. Marcus has over 1,000,000 views as do some of the similar videos that I watched tonight. It got me thinking about how things work today, how things are delivered to US, how the Cream Rises to the Top.

If you are a recruiter for the NBA or a Scout for any sporting team for that matter, videos like these have to be either a God-send or a horrible nightmare. Good in a way that these "leads" are brought to you via your social network, viral-like delivered and sent through traditional channels. Bad in a way that the scout will have to beat off all of the other scouts with a huge stick to get the attention of the young star.

What will the Scout of 2015 look like?

I can foresee Johnny the scout sitting in a control room using a software to pinpoint hot-spots, active conversations and videos that are going viral. Gone are the days of driving out to middle America, Tommy Boy style, to find a redneck that happened to have a huge affinity for the sport you're scouting for. All the scout would do is LISTEN and ANALYZE.

The same thing is happening in human resources/ recruiting. One's social network is beginning to be more powerful and more reputable than the BS references people put on their applications. One can learn more about one another via social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook than having a face to face talk (not saying that face to face isn't good...its probably still and will be one of the best ways to get a true feel for someone). Bottom line between now and 2015, if a recruiter is well networked, they will have qualified candidates coming to them. All they will have to do, now and in the future, is to keep their social networks active and keep their eyes open for the next Marcus to fall in their lap.



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