Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • February 13, 2013

State of the Union Between Search and Social

4 score and seven years ago....people would say that Search and Social are two completely different entities. Today we are faced with an awesome conjoined Search and Social ecosystem that offers a place for plenty of Search/ Social optimization providers to make a living and allow smaller businesses to truly let the democratization of social media happen. 2013 will be the year that marketers...or at least the smart ones....dig super deep into all that data behind social, local, mobile and search and do cool things with it.

What has caused such a rapid crash between social and search? 3 things.

1: Big Data

It was destined to happen. With the amount of useful demographic data that Facebook and all the other social networks are collecting on you while you sleep, it was only a matter of time before they used that same data to help us in our daily lives.

Where the data comes from: Mobile phone searches, location based apps, people telling you intimate details about their likes or dislikes on social media and video.

2: Influence of Social Signals and Search Performance

Social signals definitely affect search results. As of today, anywhere from 8 to 10% of the results you see in Google and Bing are affected via social signals. Whether or not your organization has embraced social media and social networking, it emits social signals to Google. Think about the social signals your business creates vs your biggest competitor. Are you worried?

Case Study: A company called Tiny Prints saw a 47% increase in rankings by using Twitter.

3: Local Intent

According to Google, over 40% of all mobile searches have local intent and 20% of ALL Google searches have local intent. Google Plus and Facebook's new Graph Search are going to be the biggest social players in the local search game for years to come. Soon enough, whenever you search for ANYTHING local you'll start seeing your social graph integrated into the results. How will that affect your decision? My guess is that it will drastically affect how we choose where we eat, travel and shop in the future.


How do you see the combination of Search and Social affecting our lives? Comment below.


Dustin DeTorres