Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • March 28, 2012

2 Social Media Tools Your B2B Sales Team Needs Now

If you're like me, you get about 30 emails a day, follow numerous blogs and hear about all of the latest trends on Social Media. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to use for your business to monitor and implement your Social Media efforts. Because of my career foundation in B2B Business Development and now being in Marketing, I see a huge opportunity for "Account Executives" across the world to utilize the really awesome Social Media tools that are available now for FREE to prospect new business. (Im not talking about Linkedin. It should be a standard practice for any Sales Rep. If at this point you dont use it FULLY to prospect or become the thought leader in your industry, Google "Using Linkedin for Prospecting" or the like to get started)

Open Status Search and Social Mention. and are useful tools to dig deep into Facebook and other Social Media platforms to find conversations going on about your product or service. The fact is, MOST if not ALL of your potential prospects are on Facebook, Blogging, Tweeting throughout the day. Heck, they're probably logged in right now at their desk reaching out to their Social Network for answers instead of calling you to buy from you directly. These prospects are human just like you and I and are more and more frequently reaching out to their Social Network on Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Blog Posts etc for social validation and recommendations.

How can I make a Sale from this? Try different searches on your products and services. Then do some searches on your competition's products and services. Also try different phrases that your prospect may use in naturally talking about your company. You may time it right when one of your prospects is in the right stage to reach out to him to start the conversation. After finding your target influencer or prospect, I would recommend not talking about your company from the get go or coming across as a sales person. I would also recommend Googling that person's name to find out more information about them, look for older blog posts/ comments, find other social networks they're actively involved in etc. Never come across as a sales person! Help them in their search by GIVING them free information about your industry, what their options are and they will trust you more....and if you do it right...they'll use your widget. Your Customer Service Department can also use these two free tools to monitor the landscape for mentions of your company.


Are there any other free tools that you've found or use for the same process?