Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • January 26, 2013

How to Email All of Your LinkedIn Connections at Once

Are you on LinkedIn and have a TON of influential connections that you've built over the years? Ever had a message that you wanted to email them all but didn't know how? Well, using a PC, follow the steps below. (Only use this method if you know all or most of your connections. Oh yeah, don't spam them either.)

1. Go to your LinkedIn account account tab “contacts”.

2. Click on “connections” and go to the bottom right of the page.

3: You’ll see “export connections”. Click on it, export it and it will create a CSV file. Save it.

4: Delete all columns that aren’t the email addresses and the top row as well. (scroll over to the right
and you may find more data to delete)

5: Highlight and Copy the entire column.

6: Open NotePad (in Accessories) and Paste the column. Save it as a .txt file.

7: Open up a Word document and open that .txt file inside.

8: Highlight all, Click “Replace” on the top right.

9: Choose the symbol “^p” for the Find What and the comma symbol (,) for the Replace with.

Now you have a comma separated list of all of your LinkedIn connections that you can email using
BCC in any email service.