Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • June 24, 2012

6 Steps to Boost the Impact of Your Social Media Marketing

Frequenting websites over the years like and, I've gained some really good insight on how to plan out and measure Social Media Marketing. If youve been a marketer over the past two years, I'm sure you understand most of the basics by now as well.

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of the people in charge of Social Media Marketing forget to think about how the person receiving the message is actually thinking. They forget the psychology of the person reading your messaging.

We obviously live in a super-fast paced world so the messages need to be super targeted and "trigger" something psychologically with the recipient for them to not hit the delete button or click on to the next site.

I've found that there are 6 Boosters you can add to your messaging today to increase the effectiveness of your Social Media Marketing.


Using the Word "YOU":

Remember that your prospects don't care about your products. Humans are naturally self centered and egotistical so we have to remember to position our messaging as to what it can do for THEM (your prospects). Too many times we get caught up by being the vendor's seat and our thoughts are centered around our selling objectives. Think about this when posting to Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn. Are you just posting random links or are you speaking directly to the reader?


Social Proof:

85% of the buying process before your prospect reaches out to a member of your sales team. When your prospect visits your website, what type of content will he or she encounter that makes your stand out from the other vendors? Do you have customer logos displayed? Do you have testimonials? What kinds of ratings, comments or chatter is going on about your company outside of your website. Be aware.


Before/ After

Using contrasts in your messaging may be hard......but remember that the human brain loves it. Think of ways to allow people to visualize life with your product and without, you vs your competition or now vs later. Touch on the "pains" of your potential customer as you contrast and you'll be happier with the results.



Just like scent and messaging, there's a high correlation between remembering a message and emotions. Eliciting an emotional response through social media messaging can pay off big. People are more apt to share, comment and like the messages that make you sad, angry or are on the edge of being too risque'.



Stories are a way to elicit emotions and to show transparency surrounding your company or specific product. For instance, if you sell sprockets, are people able to see how they're made? Are they able to see how passionate the sprocket engineers are? Do they know all the struggles and milestones your company has gone through over the years? If not, you should consider developing stories inside your business and giving people a taste of it through Social Media Marketing that will eventually drive them back to your website to learn more.


The End Result:

Launching new social pages, having contests, tracking analytics, creative brainstorming sessions are fun ...BUT....the end goal should be to drive revenue to your business. Make sure that once they interact with your Social Media Marketing that they are ending up on landing pages that give them no choice but to give some of their info to move forward or d-load a white paper. There are a host of Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing companies out there but one that I think does it the best is Hubspot.


What are you doing now to increase the effectiveness of you social media marketing? Please comment below.