Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • June 4, 2012

4 Steps: A Social Selling Strategy

Social selling is the new "dialing for dollars" or "pounding the pavement". After much thought, I've created 4 Steps to a Social Selling Strategy that you can use today as you interact with your current customers and prospects. This strategy is continuously changing as the Social Media landscape and Digital Natives adapt more and more with technology. Hope this helps.


❏ Establish Credibility:

  • Complete Profiles: G+, LinkedIn/ Twitter profiles: Actively use for networking and engagement.

  • Recommendations: Ask for them on LinkedIn. The best way to receive one is to give first.

  • Engage: Comment on blogs (customer hangouts), reply/ retweet on Twitter, update status often, interact in groups.

  • Influence: (1) Find influencers in our space. (2) Find the influencers’ influencers.

  • Create: Blog, make videos, create conversations in your “niche”.

  • Access: Be easily accessible by having your contact info clearly posted. Join multiple social platforms.


❏ Monitor the Landscape:


❏ Navigating Inside the Organization:

  • Start with LinkedIn/ Salesforce/

  • Janitor to CEO: Target multiple people across multiple areas of business.

  • Connect: Individuals/ company across ALL social platforms. Then interact.

  • Let Social Proof Guide you:

-Use Referrals, Recommendations and Name Dropping.

-Find mutual connections.

-Find talking points.

  • Follow up Social Connections with a Phone call.

  • Don’t be “SALESLY”:

-Talk about mutual connections or THEIR business.

-Give solutions to their problems that can’t be developed by their company.

-Connect THEM with people you know that may be able to help THEM.


❏ Follow Up and Relationship Building:

  • Email Newsletter: Create customer/ lead email lists. (Video Email?) (

  • Stay fresh on their mind. Send weekly helpful and relevant info.

Most people aren’t ready to buy. What are you doing NOW to build a relationship and trust?

Dustin DeTorres