Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • July 10, 2012

4 Step Process of Social Selling into Niche Verticals

Over the past few months during my Social Selling conversations, I've been asked several times on how to market and sell into niche markets using Social Media. Here I will share with you my 4 Steps or what I like to call my "4 Wave Process" to social selling into these niche markets. Remember that every business is different so you may have to adjust accordingly to your size and how youre structured.

FYI: This is written from a marketers perspective that has high interaction with the sales team. Hopefully, you also have at least some daily interaction with the sales team due to the importance of both working very close together.

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4 Wave Process


1st wave: "Sales and Social"

In this step, I recommend using Social Media and your Sales team to start the process. At this point, the niche vertical should be broken up into blocks and assigned to the sales individuals accordingly. A customized piece of collateral should be created both electronically and physically that contain Calls to Actions as well as requests to connect to both the sales persons and corporate social media. At this point, I also recommend filming personalized Video Email for the sales reps. I like using a service like BombBomb because they offer analytics on the email and cool customizations. It's also important to coordinate with the sales team to update your CRM from received contact from the mailer or other social channels. Also, try to time the physical mailer around the same time as you reach out and connect online to increase your online and off. Lastly, you should also have several weeks or months worth of email nurturing or pieces of content to send to stay fresh on your prospect's mind.


2nd wave: "Targeted"

Each social channel and Google Adwords are all different in a way but offer pretty decent targeting options. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Adwords are what Ive used before but you should advertise into the channels where your prospects interact. Stop and think about the daily habits and places your prospect researches before making his/ her buying decision. Remember, 80% of the sales process is OVER before they contact your sales team. Make sure to head them off at the pass before they finish their research by being in the right the right time....with the right info.


3rd wave: "C-Level Engagement"

By now, you should have buy in from your C-Level executives on the importance of having a "Social Business". If youre still not there yet....dont freak out. Money talks. The two words "additional revenue" speak volumes. Most likely the executives also understand the value of customer service and relationship building. This wave should be all about connections and communications from your upper management with your prospects. Can you imagine receiving a friendly, non-salesly LinkedIn message from the CEO of one of the companies you're looking to purchase from? Combine that with unique communications from the sales/ marketing team that only come across as helpful and non-pushy. Now that's what I call a one-two punch!


4th wave: "Culture"

Whats your business culture like? What do prospects find when they Google your company name, look on Social Media or check for ratings on your products and services? This is where social proof and culture combine head on in an area where most companies fail or forget. They WILL look you up so be ready. Don't get caught with your pants down. Post pictures of company events. Let potential customers "in" on your business and show them what kind of passion you put behind your products.


What kinds of strategies has your company used to connect with potential customers in niche markets? Share below.