Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • February 3, 2016

So, What Do I Do With Hubspot Prospects?

If you're a Hubspot Marketing platform or Hubspot CRM customer, you have most likely received Hubspot Prospects emails each morning. Most people using Hubspot do 3 things with the Prospects tool email: 1: They delete it as soon as they skim through it, 2: They click on a company and never do anything with it or 3: They have no idea what it means....and they delete as well.  In this post, I'll explain what Hubspot Prospects are and what you should be doing with the data. 

What Are Hubspot Prospects? 

Prospects have been around inside of Hubspot for as long as I can remember. Until recently, they were located over on the Marketing side of the platform. Now, it's integrated nicely into the Hubspot CRM, more specifically under the SideKick tab (as of February 2016). Prospects are Hubspot's way to use wireless IP addresses to track the visiting information and then tries to match that IP address with the company to which it is registered. Note that Prospects only show the info regarding the IP address that is made publicly available. 

hubspot prospects


How Do I Use Prospects? 

By default, Hubspot Users that are CRM Admins receive daily summary emails that contain between 5 - 20 companies that were tracked by Hubspot. We always suggest to our clients to skim the email and look for any companies that stand out...but don't stop there! (the email comes in with a subject line of "You have new prospects on"). You also want to check to see companies with a high page view count as those companies may be more interested. More times than none, the company is trash and should be hidden inside the prospect tool. If you do see a Prospect that stands out, click on the CTA in that email or on the company. This will bring you to the main Hubspot Prospects section inside of the Hubspot CRM. 

There are two sections inside the dashboard. Website Visits and Company Insights

Once inside the main Prospects dashboard, make sure "Website Visits" is highlighted and  you'll see a summary of all of the companies (visitors) that were tracked by Hubspot. Segment the companies by "Number of Page Views" so you can group the ones that either are really hot or duds. 


We recommend going through the ones that you know aren't a real company or potential lead and and clicking on "hide" after you have checked the box next to the company. You are also able to favorite the prospect if you see fit. Doing this,  you'll make the daily emails you receive that much more accurate as you won't see the hidden ones anymore. 

Editing the columns is another tip in managing your prospects as you can easily choose different Prospect fields that you would want to see. Fields such as LinkedIn Company Page Link or State/Region are ones the we use for our own CRM. Click on the gear on the top right of the screen to choose the right fields. 



After you have taken the steps above, we recommend digging even deeper by clicking on the companies you think may be a good prospect. You will see a bar on the right pop out that contains more details on the respective company.


Some of the data there includes: 

  • About - Find generic information about the company, such as Domain and Industry.
  • Connections - With the help of Sidekick, find current contacts who are connected to your prospects, and can help you get introduced to the prospect. Easily add those contacts in real-time into your Hubspot CRM.
  • Activity -  See which pages and content the prospect is reviewing on your site. This information provides great perspective as to areas on your site where there is potential to further qualify your prospects.

Go even deeper! You can do this two ways. Using the search bar at the top, type in a state or other piece of data that may segment the list you currently have displayed. This is a keyword saerch so it may not be as accurate as the next option. The second  way is to add a Filter. Do this by clicking on the left side called "Add Filter". This will let you add multiple filters as well as a way to "Save this view" giving you a preset view that you can easily come back to in the future.

One of the features that most people don't use is the ability to customize the Prospects Daily Email that comes to your inbox each day. Simply create a filter, then save the filter as a custom view. Once saved, click on "Manage Notifications" and turn on the checkbox for the daily email. If you want, you can also get alerted when those companies in that filtered search come back and view pages on your site. 



If one of your team members is complaining about or not aware of what to do about the daily prospects, go to "manage team email" shown in the above image. Here you can remove their email from receiving the daily emails. 

2 Advanced Strategies Using Hubspot Prospects

1: See what your competition is looking at! Odds are, your comps aren't going to fill out a form on your website. So, using Prospects, you can see what pages they view which may give you the leg up when it comes to positioning your brand in front of the same potential customers they're going after as well. 

2: Upsell current customers: You can see what your current customers are looking at and may notice that they are looking at a new product or service that they haven't necessarily reached out to you about or subscribed to. This would be the perfect time to reach out to them via phone or your Hubspot Sequences

Hubspot's Company Insights

Up to now, the majority of what I've been talking about has been under the "Website Visits" side of the Prospects tool. The other side is just a huge database of company information that will allow you to do similar things as before outside of creating daily emails for that data. The Hubspot Company Insights are great for sales people looking for leads in their territory or segmented using specific criteria. If you have Sidekick for Business, you can add companies found in the Insights directly into your Hubspot CRM. Hubspot also will be releasing "Connections" soon which allow you to see which connections are socially closer to you by seeing how your're connected. 


How do you use Hubspot Prospects? Please comment below!



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