Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • December 15, 2015

Retargeting Ad Strategies for Multi-Location Businesses and Franchises

So you've heard a lot about retargeting over the past couple years and now, coming into 2016, you want to try something different to generate traffic to your brand and locations. Retargeting isn't going to be revolutionary to your multi-location business, but it sure as hell may surprise you. 

Did you know that on average, only 2% of website visitors convert to a product or purchase on their first visit? That means that 98% of the people visiting your online location or franchisees' pages aren't converting.... they're going somewhere else. Maybe your competition is doing a better job of conversion? 

What is Multi-Location Retargeting?

If you already know what it is, feel free to skip down to the next section. 

Retargeting is a simple way to follow people around the web that may have visited your site or a competitor's site. It works by adding a cookie to that person's browser after they have landed on the URL of choice. The cookie stays there for a determined period of time. 


There are two types of retargeting. Off-Site and On-Site. 

Off-Site Retargeting is more of a prospecting strategy that will allow you to go after potential leads for your location or franchisee that hasn't necessarily visited your website pages. 

On-Site Retargeting is a re-engagement or an up-sell tool to target people who have visited your local micro-site or sub domain / sub directory site pages. See the infographic breakdown in the visual below.

There are seven types: Search, Site, SEO/SEM, Email, Contextual, Engagement and Social. (click image to view larger version)

types_of_retargeting multi location


How would you specifically use Retargeting in a multi-location or franchise system? 

The concept is the same for off-site retargeting. For on-site, whether you have a subdomain ( or a sub-directory ( setup, you can add tracking code that presents different ads to those viewing your locations' or franchisees pages.

For example: Your Orlando location or franchisee does a service that has a long sales cycle. Your franchise does an amazing job at marketing him or herself and they also get plenty of brand awareness from the national campaigns. The potential local client views the local franchisee's subdomain and doesnt convert. This is where the local franchisee's ads follow the potential candidate around everywhere they go online. You can imagine the types of ads that one could show to those non-converting visitors to help push them towards contacting your local franchisee or upselling them after they have become a local client. 



Specific Strategies for Multi-Location Retargeting 

1: Audience Segmentation: This allows you to customize your messaging depending on the specific pages the person views inside your local page or franchisee page. Not only are we targeting and changing the ads at the local levels, we are also diving deeper into the site pages and tailoring the messaging by the pages they viewed. For example, if you are an in-home care franchise and you have people viewing your franchisee's home page,, you may want to show more brand awareness type ads to the prospects. If you 

2: Demographic Targeting: When a prospect fills out a form on your franchise's website page, you can ask certain things about who they are that will then be transferred into the ads they see. Demographic data like, size of business, interest level, funnel stage, geography, etc etc. 

3: A/B Testing: Testing is a marketing 101 tactic but many marketers don't do it. Be sure to test out different variations of each of your ads. I suggest that you change out only small parts, like color, 1-2 words or the call to action etc so you know what's affecting what. Using Hubspot, you can easily create A/B tests and measure the effectiveness. 

Attribution Tracking and Measurement

I'm not sure about you, but I wouldn't want to invest thousands of dollars into this channel without understanding what ads and what locations are converting the best. 

At Market Loyal, we use Hubspot Marketing Automation and an integration with Perfect Audience to truly measure down to specific person and specific revenue you're driving with Multi-Location Retargeting. 

What KPI's should I measure? 

1: What locations are converting the best

2: Which ads are performing the best

3: Cost Per Lead

4: Views through conversions

5: Site visits

6: MQL's (Marketing Qualified Leads) 

Note: To track all of our campaigns, we use the Hubspot Add-On Tool.

hubspot franchise reporting

What next? 

Find an agency that has working knowledge and hands on experience with retagreting in the multi-location or franchise space. For more info on Market Loyal, call 866-887-4624