George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • December 31, 2015

New Facebook Features Coming Your Way In 2016

 Mark Zuckerburg is taking no prisoners in 2016

Facebook has announced some big changes for 2016 that I am sure will impress many users and scare many companies including Google, Yelp,  Yammer, Evite, Amazon Marketplace and even Periscope. I think its safe to say that the average person reading this post has a pretty nice addiction to the social network. Facebook is also upping it's game and becoming a central hub online and  strategically partnering with the likes of Uber as they are now built into Facebook messenger just in case you need a ride. Here is the list below and I have highlighted the top 5 I think will have the most impact in 2016.

Facebook Live Video

This is the number one new Facebook feature  it is a live streaming mobile app that will allow you to incorporate live streaming video on Facebook so the people you care about can see it in real time. Post a favorite vacation spot, cooking your favorite recipe or just something inspirational for the day. Facebook actually rolled this out earlier this year limited to celebrities this service they called "Mentions".  Facebook rolling it out to select users in the US and verified business pages. Here are directions. I see this service as not only a cool tool but a winner for Facebook as video is so big on the social network already. See a Facebook Live Video of Mark Zuckerburg 

Competition: Periscope, Meerkat

Facebook Professional Services

This is one I am particularly excited about it's called Facebook Professional Services. Since I am such a huge fan of local listings and believe reviews and reputation play such part for the local business owner this will add amazing value and looks like the goal here is to be a recommendation engine. This looks like it is similar to Yelp on the review side and Google My Business on the listing side of things.  Facebook Professional services has 80+ distinct categories of service providers in each geographic areas. This will grow in 2016. When you visit Facebook Professional Services you are presented first with a page that has their current location pre-selected. Searches can be made within that area by typing into a dialog box that serves up business categories like plumbers, dentists, photographers, beauty salons, pharmacies, pizza places and so on.


Competition: Yelp, Angies List, Google My Business

Uber Integration Through Facebook Messenger

Facebook recently announced integration of Uber and  Facebook Messenger  users can now request an on demand ride from Uber through the Messenger app.  We will also see  integration with Lyft in the near future.  Facebook users can start using Messenger instead of the native apps to access transportation services.  Another hard hit for the traditional transportation industry Taxi, Cabs, Limo businesses.  Watch the promo video here


Competition: Uber, Lyft

Facebook Events

We have all used Facebook Events  the service has been around for a while has been around for a while, but has never been an especially popular or impressive aspect of the platform. Right now people can organize gatherings, manage invitations and send notifications and reminders to their friends. People can use events to invite their friends to anything from a dinner party to a community fundraiser with notifications coming from Facebook. It was missing a lot compared to Evite, Google Events and Eventbrite among others. Now the game has changed for the better with New Facebook Events.  For people that coordinate a ton of events this is going to be heaven. Facebook Events is now a straight forward and accessible way to manage events in one platform where all your contact are located.  Here  are some of the new features Browse invitationsAccept/decline invitations (public and private), Bookmarks, RSVPs, SchedulesCalendar entries, TicketsCheck-ins and Event Photos. Watch Video Here


Competition: Google Events, Evite, Eventbrite

Facebook Shopping Tab

 Facebook is confident that people will one day shop on Facebook and are rolling out Facebook Shopping Tab. They believe that when a friend purchases a cool product and you see it in your news feed you will consider a purchase and it just makes sense. They currently have the "Buy" button as a test for most business pages and also the transfer of funds across Facebook Messenger so it's only a matter of time. Creating a shopping section is for people actively looking to buy is brilliant and they have the audience. They want the entire shopping experience to happen inside Facebook. Just imagine a retailer informing fans then being able to sell to them directly on the spot.


Competition:  Twitter, Pintrest

Some Other Facebook Features Rolling Out in 2016

To Sum It Up

Facebook is adding some amazing features in 2016 and it is easy to tell that Facebook as a destination wants to remain relevant. Even if some tools are mere copies of other exiting platforms my money is on Facebook and its has deep pockets. Just think of your life before Facebook it not only has enhanced connections between family and friends it is poised to be the platform of choice for professionals.

Happy New Year and if you want to learn how to attract customers with Facebook grab out free ebook today.


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