Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • December 24, 2014

The Need for Hyper-Local Marketing Goes International

Back in July of this year, Google released their Pigeon algorithm. This change made numerous updates in how we see the results on a local level organically as well as on Google Maps. officially confirmed yesterday, December 23rd 2014, the Pigeon update has been rolled out to all English speaking locales (except for India) which encompasses any country to where you can see English search results.

Why is this significant on an international level? Until now, franchises, multi-location operations and huge corporations that operated in different countries/ cities across the world in English speaking areas were able to get away with having vague or lack-luster geo-specific content on their sites. Coming into 2015, these same businesses must be more strategic in the types of content, types of web pages and technical setup of their hyper-local presence. This means not only should they have content strategies, but should also have a Hyper-Local Marketing Strategy.

This update gives the multi-location businesses that "get it" a huge leg up online for the new year and will allow new, unknown businesses come out of the word work to gain marketshare.

What are your predictions on the hyper-local front for 2015?