George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • July 29, 2015

Local Listing Information is So Critical For Local Businesses, Yet Most Ignore.

Local Search, People Use it & Businesses Ignore it?

I can't figure it out, many businesses I have deal with and still deal with try everything to get local customers. They spend boat loads of money on local coupon books, bus benches, and put ads in local magazines that claim to get eye balls yet barely deliver the publication to households and if it is not delivered how can it be seen. Add to that no tracking of ROI and they wonder why they get no business and eventually go out of business.

All the while these same businesses have local listings what are basically complimentary advertisements that drive local people to their location yet they choose to ignore them? All the information that a consumer would need including directions, store hours, links to their websites, social media pages, reviews, menus and even interactive walk through.

The above article from Local Search Association shows how some industries (Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Auto Repair more than others ignore this easy yet valuable way to build local business.

Well I hope that one day they will see the light but it might just be to late.

George Tsafonias

Co-Owner of Market Loyal and local marketing enthusiast. Our mission is to provide our business owners a hyper local strategy that generates better reviews, more website traffic and better visibility by the millions of people searching for local products and services.

Source: Enhanced Content: The Local Search Data Gap | LSA Insider