George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • November 6, 2015

In 2015 We Are Now All Lazy At Selling - The Best Sales Voicemail I Ever Received

In this age of non-verbal communication (Email, Text, Instant Message) this is a great example why it might be just better to pick up the phone. Yep there you go I said it... for the people that know me personally & professionally (you know who you are) I am coming out in 2015 to say it pick up the phone.

Of course you would do this along with your current inbound marketing intelligence driving the conversation.

In my early working for a large international online digital marketing agency I found it comical to hear all these sales reps around me making 200 sometimes 300 calls a day getting no response while I sat back connecting with the decision maker with one email or message on LinkedIn or even in some instances just a text message or a comment to a social media or blog post. Funny several times a rep was calling the same business owner I was communicating with and the business owner would say "One of your sales colleagues just called me for the 4th time this week" and we usually both chuckled and then scheduled a meeting and most of the time I got the business. I felt at the time I had the secret sauce to local sales and in fact many managers and sales reps at my company asked how I got deals and meeting without ever picking up the phone. One of the better managers at that company who got it actually had me teach my sales process during a sales meeting but very few ever did it most reverted to what everyone else was doing which was fine with me.

Source: The Best Sales Voicemail I Ever Received ... Was Just a Voicemail

As society and technology changes and people catch on to the games that worked for so long for some of us I almost feel getting back to the basic art of communicating might be the advantage you need to close a deal or get an appointment.


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