Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • January 1, 2017

Hubspot's Lead Flow Walk-through [January 2017]

If you're on any one of HubSpot's email lists you're probably getting a lot of emails about the new sales tools that they offer, one of which is the lead flow functionality that comes with the marketing software, which is really cool. It's basically a way to put a popup on your website that will allow people to download an offer or most commonly subscribe to a blog, one of your HubSpot blogs. [NOTE: You will need to add a Workflow to enable people to be auto-subscribed to one of your blogs].

You first need to activate it. If you go into your marketing tab, make sure you go under marketing and you go to settings. Scroll over here on the left side, you'll see products and add-ons. Scroll down, you'll see at the top left here lead flows. You'll need to activate it and it takes about 30 seconds. Once it's activated you can go up to content and then go down to lead flows. If it doesn't pop up automatically, which it should.

Then it gives you a little demo of what it would look like with the different types of popups you can do. My favorite is dropdown banner right here and that's the one we'll put on this website right now. Click on create lead flow and here there's four options here for now, as of December 2016 these are the options you have. Dropdown banner, you can play with it to see what it looks like. Next you can update the content here. That's fine for now. This particular website, I think orange might look the best so we'll try orange. Hit next up here and you can see how the flow is sequential.... it shows where you are.

If you want to an eBook or just sass this up a bit outside the default you can drag a file here as your featured image, which would be right here. Then your body copy, I'm going to say, "You'll only receive on email each week." Obviously I'm going to come back here and enter that but you can see how it changes the content here in the middle. Hit next and then your thank you message, you can get creative with that, put a link to something else, another web page.

Hit next again, and then they're asking for feedback here. They're going to start implementing follow up emails alongside with this, but in the meantime since you can't use the follow up emails you are able to hook this into MailChimp or another ESP of your choice, which I think that's on the next page. You want to rename this lead flow. Let's put this lead flow on 50% page scroll and after six or seven seconds, that's when it will pop up.

Depending on your settings, your lead flow settings, you'll get notified or somebody will get notified whenever people subscribe. All right, I think we're ready to hit next. You can preview it, this is how it's going to look on the website, tablet, mobile. Then we'll publish and it will ask you twice, set it live, finish.

Let me go over to the site so we can see what it looks like in real time. Here we are, I'm on the site. Usually after about seven seconds or scrolling halfway down it will pop up. There we go, it popped it on the top here, which looks nice, it's not too intrusive. Click subscribe now, type in your email, subscribe now. Thank you, close, done.

Now whoever's in the setting's going to receive the email that, "Hey we just got a new subscriber." You can turn it off if you want. Those people will probably get subscribed to the weekly email or the real time email. I'm not too sure which subscription list, I do have a couple emails out with HubSpot support as of right now and if I do find out from them which subscription list it goes to by default I'll update the notes below this video.

Thanks so much. If you have any questions feel free to reach me at