Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • January 29, 2017

Hubspot CRM: Creating Child or Parent Companies


Recently, HubSpot released the functionality for you to add child or parent companies inside your HubSpot CRM. This was very important for especially organizations that sell into franchise or multi-location situations to where it's more complex than just saying I'm selling into one company. A lot of franchise organizations have regions with subcompanies or subregions. It gets pretty in-depth there, and now you can do that. If you wanted to add a child or a parent company associated with a certain company in your CRM, scroll down and you'll see here now it says related companies, you can to search for it, or it's already in your CRM, or you can add it in here. Same with parent, you want to associate this with a parent. You can do the same thing there. If you have any questions about this new functionality, feel free to reach me at the information below. Thanks.


Dustin DeTorres