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Facebook Marketing Series [#5 OF 10]: How to Create a Content Calendar


Business owners who want to develop a strong online presence, especially via Facebook for Business, have reported that one of their biggest marketing challenges is finding ideas for posts. The next biggest issues are the lack of time they have to write and publish regular posts.

Creating a comprehensive content calendar, based on the business’s content marketing strategy, can help clients overcome these kinds of issues. By creating a scheduled time commitment, they can ensure that their content marketing will not land up on the back burner just because someone hasn’t got around to doing it.

A business needs to make it their priority to spend time planning their content calendar if they want to connect with their customers and generate more traffic to their website.

The content calendar will offer a good overview of what is being posted, so the business can ensure that they cover all the topics and products that want to cover. It also ensures that they aren’t repeating themselves. It forces them to think about what’s important and what is irrelevant so they don’t fall into the trap of posting content to fill a void.

Master Facebook Marketing with Different Types of Content Calendars

There are essentially two types of content calendars. One is a weekly calendar that gives the business structure to their exact daily content, such as photos, competitions, third party links, Fan of the Week and so on.

The second content calendar is a bigger roadmap of special events and promotions to be run throughout the year.

A weekly calendar can look something like this:

  • Monday morning: inspirational photo related to business’s services
  • Monday afternoon: a third party link to a relevant article
  • Tuesday morning: Fan of the Week
  • Tuesday afternoon: a company blog post
  • Wednesday morning: Question of the Day around a news event, a product or service

That’s the gist of it. A business develops their weekly content calendar, so their community will come to know their pattern and look forward to certain events each week. Keep an eye on what works for the audience and what flops.


To master Facebook marketing, a content calendar needs to play a big role in a business’s strategy. Whether the aim of being on the social media platform is to generate more traffic to a website, connect with customers or both, a content calendar will create consistency, and help build a loyal fan base.

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