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FACEBOOK MARKETING SERIES [#4 OF 10]: How to Add to a Business Page


Following on from the previous blog about Facebook lingo, it’s time to start adding to the business page with the aim to generate more traffic to the business website. Ideally, a Facebook for business page should be inviting and warm – somewhere people want to visit, and it should provide a clear picture of what the business is about.

Adding to the Facebook Page

The first thing a business should add to their page is a cover photo. Businesses can showcase their products in that photo, which is displayed at the top of the page.There are a range of things that can be done to make the cover photo creative and help connect with customers, including:

  • -Highlighting a product
  • -Connecting the cover photo to the profile picture
  • -Highlighting a customer or fan of the week
  • -Offer a creative use of a product
  • -Show fans making use of the business’s service

The next step is to work on the profile picture. If a business wants to master Facebook marketing, they want an image people will be able to identify when searching for the brand. So it’s a good idea to include the business’s name and logo.

How to Upload a Profile Picture

-This step is easy:

  • -Click “Edit Profile Picture” when hovering over the picture
  • -Select “upload a new photo”
  • -Click the “Choose file” option to find the picture
  • -Once uploaded, click the “Edit Thumbnail” option to align the photo.

Facebook for Business: Adding Apps

Businesses can add apps to their Facebook page to make it more interesting and interactive. Great apps include:

  • -NetworkedBlogs to automatically import the business’s blog onto their wall whenever there is a new post.
  • -MarketPlace is a great app for listing items for sale or rent, or even advertising job listings.
  • -Fan of the Week will automatically pick a fan each week based on interaction and will post the message about the fan.
  • -Booshaka will show a list of all the business page’s top fans and the amount of interaction they have.

A particularly great resource for Facebook apps is Involver. Businesses will even find Twitter and YouTube applications that will import information from those platforms into tabs on the Facebook for business page.

Need help with how to connect with customers on Facebook? Contact Market Loyal for advice and tips on how to master Facebook Marketing.

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