George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • July 20, 2015

Market Loyal Co-Founder To Speak This Week at USPCA Personal Chef Conference

How to Stand Out From the Crowd: Differentiate Yourself in the Local Market

(July, 20, 2015 Orlando, FL)

Market Loyal co-founder George Tsafonias will be speaking at the 2015 United States Personal Chef Conference and Expo being held in San Antonio, TX later this week. This conference is the largest gathering of Personal Chefs anywhere, professionals from all around the world, connect, network, learn, refresh with new tools, technology as well as ideas to take business to new heights in the personal chef world.

George will be educating new and well established personal chefs on How to Differentiate Yourself in Your Local Market. Chefs will find out where they are and how their local listings got there and how they can stand out from competition by truly owning enhancing your overall brand in their local markets.

"I wouldn't lump George into a category of Digital Media Consultant as his work is far beyond of what we consider "systems". He is a creative executive who understands all of the unique nuances of crafting a strategy that supports an effective reach through social media. He truly puts the dialogue into bringing your message to the masses in a way that generates business."

-Larry Lynch President of USPCA

George Tsafonias is the CEO and Co-founder of Market Loyal. is a digital media agency that transforms the way companies connect with prospects and customers to create a hyper loyal culture.

George has consulted for some of the world’s top brands such as Nascar, Hewlett Packard, AT&T and many more. He has also worked in the trenches with hundreds of small businesses across the country to create brand awareness and improve their competitive edge within their local markets.

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