Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • September 14, 2014

How to Generate More Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Are you selling a product on Amazon? Are you having trouble getting your happy customers to leave you positive feedback? It's no surprise that having more feedback from your customers generates tons of new visibility in the Amazon search results. Having more positive reviews on Amazon will help you become a featured seller and lead to more sales. To our knowledge, Amazon doesn't offer any worth while help their their users generate feedback outside of the canned emails that everyone deletes. The reason why those emails don't work is because we are trained to hit the delete button when there's no real incentive involved. Another factor may be because it's coming directly from Amazon themselves. Where's the personalization?

get more amazon reviews

Recently it's been rumored that Amazon has been testing out segmenting and some other cool techniques with their internal review system. As Google changes their algorithms multiple times each month, they're making it more and more friendly for huge corporations like Yelp and Amazon to show their user generated reviews in the search results. Bottom line: Now is a very important time to start generating tons of positive reviews for your product(s).

Here are some tips on how to generate more feedback for your Amazon products:

  • Sell more! Roughly 7-10% of your Amazon customers will leave you feedback...especially if you have a great product and offer an awesome service.
  • Write hand-written notes in your product packaging
  • Write the actual amazon review for the buyer and ask them to copy and paste it (remove the roadblock!)
  • Use an automation software to help you generate feedback

Watch the video tutorial below. Market Loyal's Reputation Loyal software not only helps you generate more feedback and reviews from your happy customers, but it then segments the negative feedback from ever going on Amazon. Reputation Loyal also monitors the internet for any mentions of your product so you can have more control over what people are saying.

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