Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • February 18, 2016

Franchisees Use 12 Media Channels To Reach Customers

Findings in the Local Commerce Monitor by Bia Kelsey:


Franchises use an average of 12 types of media for advertising and promotion, according to our annual survey of SMBs, also known as the Local Commerce Monitor (LCM)™, Wave 19.

As with other SMBs in the survey, a Facebook page was franchisees’ most used media. Half of their top 10 media used for advertising and promotion were traditional media: direct mail, giveaways, print yellow pages, community sponsorships, and cable TV. Digital media, such as email, Google and and websites, were also popular.

The survey also showed that franchises are willing to experiment with various media platforms — particularly social and mobile. They are also reporting good results with some of the newest ad formats. For example, franchises rank some newer formats in their top 10 ad media by ROI performance: sponsored stories, native ads, video display, and Facebook news ads.

See the infographic below for the highlights on Franchisees from the LCM survey.




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