Ilea Petsel By Ilea Petsel • December 20, 2016

5 Inbound Marketing Tactics Your Franchise Should Be Using

In today’s marketing environment, inbound marketing is where it’s at. From business blogging to social media interaction, inbound marketing is growing in popularity as a strategy for businesses of all sizes. So how do you use inbound marketing to help your franchise grow? The answer is by using these five tactics.

  1. Create and distribute a free guide
  2. Optimize for keywords
  3. Expand your brand
  4. Get involved in the conversation
  5. Guest blog


1. Create and Distribute a Free Guide/Content Offer

Today’s consumers want advanced, detailed content and, by giving it to them, you can quickly make a name for yourself as an authority in your niche. A great way to begin doing this is to write and distribute free guides.

 While the topic of the guide will depend upon your personal franchise industry, each guide should be detailed, chock-full of helpful information, and easy to navigate. Once you’ve created the guide, distribute it to readers who sign up for your email list or convert in other ways. Some franchises choose to hire a digital marketing agency for franchises, which can assist in the content creation and distribution process.

2. Optimize for Keywords

Organic search traffic can be huge if you play your cards correctly. By choosing one or two keywords and optimizing all of your content for them, you can gain a higher ranking in Google’s search engine results page and help your content become more visible to your readers. Here's a good post from on some top SEO tools agencies use. 

3. Expand your Brand

Think of the tech company Apple for a moment: this is a fantastic example of a company that’s developed a rock-solid brand. From their packaging to the language used in the company’s web copy, everything about them is distinctly Apple. While “being like Apple” is a high bar, there’s a lesson to be learned here. By building your personal brand into one that is recognizable and consistent, you can encourage brand recognition and engagement from your customers.

4. Get Involved in the Conversation

One of the best ways you can use inbound marketing to produce traffic for your website is by getting involved in conversations on social media. To make this approach work to your advantage, find a few groups on Facebook or Twitter that relate to your industry and get involved. By asking and answering questions in a setting like this, you can drive like-minded individuals back to your website. Just be careful to avoid being too promotional, as this will drive readers away.

5. Guest Blog

What if we told you that one of the best ways to drive links and profits for your own business was to post your content somewhere else? In the case of guest blogging – it’s true. When you guest blog for another industry platform, you establish yourself and your brand as authorities on the topic. Additionally, guest blogging is an effective way to get your content out in front of a whole new audience – which can drive new customers right back to your site. One of the tools we use for ourselves and out client is Pitchbox

Today, 54% more leads are generated as a result of inbound marketing than outbound or paid marketing. Additionally, companies save an average of $20,000 each year by investing in inbound marketing strategies. Hiring a digital marketing agency is one of the best ways to ensure that your inbound is working exactly the way you want it to. For more information on the power of inbound marketing or how it can help your franchise, contact Market Loyal today.  


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