Ilea Petsel By Ilea Petsel • July 17, 2016

Facebook Marketing Series [#2 of 10]: Understanding Best Practices


Following on from our first blog, businesses interested in generating more traffic to their website and wanting to master Facebook marketing will have spent a good amount of time researching big brands and competitors. If this is the case, chances are business owners have stumbled across a few of the platform’s “rules of thumb.” While it takes a fair deal of experimentation to see what will work best for each business, there are a couple of “general practices” that work as a good starting point.


Take a look at any of the successful brands on the social media platform, and see how they don’t go for the hard sell and they don’t preach to their fans and followers. Instead, they engage with their customers. Take a look at Success Magazine, for example. They connect with customers by offering inspiring quotes and things to do. Then there is Sierra Trading Post that offers their community special deals with a twist – they make it fun.

The Unwritten Rules to Master Facebook Marketing

So let us delve into these so-called unwritten rules that businesses should be following in their Facebook posts. Start with these:

  • Post something daily – this probably sounds excessive, but as more people Like more pages and make more friends, a brand’s posts could be missed. There have been studies conducted that report that posting 3 – 5 times a day is a fairly good amount when using Facebook for business.
  • Concentrate on engagement – businesses want to connect with their customers and elicit responses from their followers and fans. To do this, post handy tips, ask questions and even link to articles of relevance that the audience is likely to share with their network. When businesses develop posts centered around their audience and their needs, instead of selling, they develop deeper relationships with their community.
  • Don’t forget the call-to-action – clearly tell people what to do: Like, post, comment, share, watch a video.
  • No underselling or overselling – customers do not want a sales pitch. But it’s okay to highlight a product or service’s offerings every now and then. Make use of the 80-20 rule for connection/content posts versus sales drives.
  • Make things fun – remember that Facebook is a social platform. People logon to have fun. Businesses should remain true to their brand, but also come up with unique wants to entertain the audience.


Use these rules as a good starting block. There’s no “hard and fast” way to do things on Facebook.

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