George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • February 18, 2016

Facebook Adding Another Great Feature Called Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles Fast Interactive Articles on Facebook

Just before tax day 2016 (April 12th) and at the annual F8 conference Facebook will be launching Facebook Instant Articles, and making it available to all publishers. This is another great tool being made available by the world's largest social media site.  Back at the end of 2015 I blogged about New Facebook Features Coming in 2016 and this was not on my radar but certainly a very nice addition.

As consumer we we are taking information, news stories and world events in large amounts online mostly via social media shared by our friends.  For the most part we consume articles as straight text with some visuals. Publishers large magazines, content bloggers, business owners, and marketers can now push and enhance the message and hit all senses. Take a look at the great benefits.

Instant Articles Benefits

  • Fast Responsive Articles
  • Interactive and Immersive
  • Simple and Scalable
  • Control and Customization
Fast Responsive Articles  will load instantly with big photos and videos they are saying 10x faster then the standard on mobile website browser.


Interactive and Immersive using great new tools to bring content and stories to life. Video, photos, interactive maps and even the authors voice with captions. The lighting bolt as pictured below will identify an instant article on Facebook.


Simple and Scalable as instant articles can integrate seamlessly with production tools and and RSS feeds making it easy to push articles in any length.


Control & Customization is right in your hands, as a publisher of content you can sell advertisements in your article and keep the revenue, or if you are a Facebook marketer you can use the Facebook advertising platform to target many of the custom Facebook Audiences that are available.


Watch this great promotional video on Instant Articles on Facebook



In Summary

Facebook is providing some great tools to build your authority, brand and business online. I feel that this is a strong message showing that content along with social media platforms like Facebook can provide strong articles in an enjoyable way. Kuddo's to you for moving the needle.  

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