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4 Types of Marketing Professionals

The life and times of a marketer nowadays is continuously changing. We continuously need to refresh our brains with new approaches, tests and tools.

To stay fresh, I love reading sites like Mashable, the Hubspot Blog, Marketo's Blog, Content Marketing Institute, Technorati, The Sales Lion, and a host of other lead generation and strategy focused blogs. Have ones that you like? Comment below to share.

Some marketers strive to learn. Some stop learning after college. Some settle for the hands on work as their "further education". Which leads to the segmentation below....

Over the past 4 months, I've hit a point in my career where I can see things that I was unable to see before in our noble profession. I've realized that there are 4 types of marketing professionals.


You have thought leaders that have written books, speak at large gatherings and create coined terms that normally consist of two words joined together to make one. It's the people you respect, love to listen to and get all giddy inside when you see them at conferences.

Mid-Life Marketer:

You have general marketers that are 40 years old or older, have managed teams but are better at managing than actually DOING. They most likely probably push themselves to manage because if they had to go back into the "trenches", they wouldn't know where to start.

College Grad:

You have generalists with a marketing degree from a 4 year institution. Normally they're super excited at first but then get pushed into management roles, get stuck in specialist-like roles or go back to their bartending gig at Macphearsons pub.

Growth Hacker:

Then you have start-up company marketers. This is a different breed of marketer. Often called growth hackers, their number one goal is... you guessed it.... GROWTH. Think about it for a sec, we marketers aren't simply marketing physical products anymore. We have products that are built of bits and bytes. We are now able to strategize using social media to organically leverage people's mindset. We now have more analytics than we have ever had to make smart, accurate decisions. Since the number one goal for the growth hacker is growth, every decision he or she makes is about achieving the KPI's that translate to growth for his or her particular company. The better ones Ive seen are good at code, development and reverse engineering. Its a unique type role that, for me, stands out among the different types of marketers.

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