Ilea Petsel By Ilea Petsel • October 11, 2016

Facebook Marketing Series [#6 of 10]: Connect with people using edgerank

For businesses who want to gain an edge on their competitors, they need to understand one main point: Facebook is a business. And like any business, it wants to make money. The platform does this by serving up their readers to their advertisers. It’s the same with most content-driven businesses.

To master Facebook for business, there is one other thing to realize: Facebook loves giving its audience content that is relevant, timely and popular.

It is those three attributes that make up EdgeRank. Essentially, relevance (weight), time and affinity (popularity) are the edges that the platform’s algorithms rank to determine which content is probably the most interesting to audiences.

Let’s take a closer look:

Affinity (popularity) is the score between the edge creator and viewer.

Relevance (weight) is the value that is given to the actions and comments any post receives from a business’s Facebook community. The more it is tagged, Liked and commented on, the more relevance it gains.

Time decay – is exactly what it says, the decaying value of the content as time goes on.

The more often customers click, comment, tag and like content, the sharper the business’s Facebook page “edges” and the more likely the content will show up in their news feeds.

Gaining Higher Rankings

When it comes to how to master Facebook marketing, gaining a higher EdgeRank is dependent on creating the kind of content that gets people clicking. So give people content they are going to find interesting and they are more likely to take a Facebook action that will raise your EdgeRank scores.

But don’t just assume people will respond to great content. It’s still a good idea to tell them what you want them to do. Look at the posts from successful Pages and notice how they just about always ask for some sort of input – their call to action.

One of the newer Facebook metrics that measures engagement is the statistic, “People are talking about this.” This figure will give businesses a good idea of their interaction levels and help them to better connect with their customers.


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