Dustin DeTorres By Dustin DeTorres • February 10, 2013

What is Converged Media?

Gone are the days when a business can just focus on just one digital media source to target their consumers. Brands, small and medium sized businesses must now align their digital marketing channels to be successful in their strategy. The integration of channels results in "converged media".

The term converged media really comes from the fact that paid, earned and owned media now overlap. The Altimeter Group did a very comprehensive study and created the converged media infographic below.

converged media

Before brands can really grasp the theory of converged media, they need to understand what those media types are.

(some may overlap in some circumstances)

Paid Media: Pay Per Click (PPC): Web, mobile, social. Display advertising.

Owned Media: This includes your social channels, your blog, location based pages, Youtube channels, etc.

Earned Media: aka "Shared Media" Retweets, likes, customer reviews and other user generated content that is not controlled by marketing teams.


Due to the rapid changes in today's social, mobile and local world, companies of all sizes are now struggling to keep up.

To achieve a true converged media approach to one's marketing, organizations must focus on 4 things:

1: Breaking down departmental silos

2: Integrating marketing automation tools into the sales/ marketing process

3: Getting out of the "old way" of doing things

4: Defining a content strategy that works across paid, owned and earned media


Have you integrated a converged media approach at your business? If so and you have any feedback, please comment below.


Dustin DeTorres