George Tsafonias By George Tsafonias • December 3, 2015

Birth of the $10.00 Cup of Coffee

Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Boston sports fan and I get really excited in the off season when the free agents signing happen. This week it was announced that the Boston Red Sox's have acquired David Price from Toronto in the free agent market for 7 years $217 Million ($31 Million a year or $2.58 Million a month or $645K a week). OK now I am a bit nauseous. 

This really got me thinking where is this type of money coming from? Especially when typical American family income was $53,657 in 2014 according to a report by Money CNN. Now I am an entrepreneur, always have been always will and I am all about success, but this is crazy.

You are now probably asking what does this have to do with the Birth of a $10.00 Cup of Coffee? Well Starbucks is partnering with Postmates to offer a delivery service of your favorite beverage. Much like my Red Sox's I am a huge fan of  Starbucks and it's not cheap for a cup of joe,  especially if you get fancy latte's with a pump of this and pump of that. For the record (I am grande ice coffee black 2 splenda) @starbucks.


 The only thing tougher then seeing  David Price's weekly pay check is paying $5.99 delivery fee, restaurant delivery companies have tried that for years, and many have struggled or gone out of business. Now I understand that Postmates needs to make money for the service but come on that is crazy. If Starbucks was smart they would just buy a company like Postmates and since we are in an on demand society for the foreseeable future (Thank you to UBER) why not offer complimentary delivery to consumers in certain markets start or create an exclusive B2B corporate membership program and charge a monthly fee.

Finally Starbucks please stop hitting the consumer at every turn you have a great product and following, the Birth of the $10.00 Cup of Coffee is not something needed right now in this world. I understand it is just a beta test, but lets not go there. Oh and David Price if you see this blog post @DAVIDprice14 just an FYI you could buy 263,265 Venti cups of Starbucks fresh brewed coffee on one single weeks salary from your new contract with the Red Sox's, it gets real cold in Boston in the winter might be a good way to get people to warmed up to you for the spring.

Go Red Soxs!!!