Ilea Petsel By Ilea Petsel • December 21, 2015

5 Email Drip Campaigns to Try for Yourself

Email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your prospects and your customers. The beauty of building an email drip campaign in Hubspot, is that it can be completely automated based on timing and/or triggers. Keep in mind that prospects receive an average of 10 marketing touches from the time they enter the top of the funnel until they’re a closed-won customer (Aberdeen Group). Your goal is to educate your audience with valuable relevant content; you inturn, become a trusted and knowledgeable source of information. See the interesting infographic below (click to enlarge). 


 See the full infographic.

5 Essential Email Drip Campaigns

  1. Top-of-mind: This type of email keeps your leads engaged with your company. Content to consider for this type of drip would be white papers, blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, and other relevant industry news.
  2. Welcome Campaign: These are super easy and are a great way to introduce new prospects to your company at a comfortable pace.
  3. Re-engagement: These types of campaigns are for the pepole who became inactive at some point in the sales process. You want to send them an email that encourages them to take action. This way, you'll know if they're ready to enter back into the sales process. 
  4. Promotional: Promotions/special offers will lure prospects to become customers. A well-timed promotion or special discount can be just what's needed to get the customer to press the buy button.
  5. Educational: This drip should provide relevant content on your product/service. These educational drips prepare a customer to purchase.


Email drip campaigns can do wonders for your company if executed correctly. Now get started and build your first campaign today! Call Market Loyal at 866-887-4624